Approximately 70% of kids stop playing organized sports by the age of 13 because they say it’s not fun anymore. That’s why the YMCA works to keep fun in the game. Our coaches focus on building strong skills so kids can play at any level, but more importantly, they help kids learn teamwork, leadership and sportsmanship—skills that will help them reach new heights throughout their lives.

Parents also play an important role in their child’s decision to play sports. In a list of 81 reasons why they play sports, kids ranked “winning” 48th, but parents often ranked “winning” at the top of their lists. Kids ranked “having fun” as the main reason they play sports, and they defined fun as trying your best, playing well together as a team and getting along with your teammates. It’s important for parents to understand and support the reasons their children choose to play sports to ensure they stay in the game for years to come.

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