We encourage boys to exhibit excellence in character in all aspects of their lives, make healthy choices and build confidence by leading them with a curriculum that incorporates fun activities and running. 

Our goal is to help boys build character one step at a time. The STRIDE program uses topic discussions, running workouts, fun games, and activities to develop character, build confidence, encourage healthy lifestyles, and to help boys become young men who KNOW what is right, CARE what is right and ultimately DO what is right.

Program History

STRIDE was started in Chester County Pennsylvania in the Fall of 2009. STRIDE was born out of demands for a boys running program to coincide with the very popular national girls' program, Girls On The Run. Parents and community members saw what this program did for girls and felt that there was a need for something comparable for the boys.

During the summer of 2009, a group of invested individuals convened to brainstorm ideas & research to develop a comprehensive program where boys in grades 3-5 could learn life lessons and develop physically with a focus on fun.  In the fall of 2009, our STRIDE program began with 15 excited boys at Greenwood Elementary School in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, and has continued to grow both locally, and nationally. 

Since, we have made several revisions and improvements to the curriculum developed a second elementary level curriculum, developed a middle school curriculum, and in the summer of 2013 launched the STRIDE program nationally.  Most recently we have piloted a STRIDE camp in the summer and we continue to evaluate feedback from chapters to further strengthen the experience for our participants.

How STRIDE Works

STRIDE meets twice a week for a total of 10 weeks, with trained volunteer coaches.  Each session lasts for 75 minutes and includes a lesson/discussion, a game/activity, and a running workout. 

Each lesson is designed to encourage interactive discussions & activities focused on developing positive character, including being a good friend, making good decisions, living a healthy lifestyle, goal setting, being a team player, and many more. 

Through each lesson, discussion, activity, and workout, the boys learn to work with, understand, and encourage each other...rather than compete as they train and prepare for the culminating celebration - a 5K.

At the completion of the 10 week program, the boys participate in a 5K with a STRIDEr (an adult who has committed to run the 5K with him) in a celebration designed to boost confidence and rally around achieving his own personal best.