Patrick Dugan, Association Sports Director, Jennersville/Kennett

Patrick has been a mainstay at the Y for almost 20 years, first starting as a membership staff associate at the YMCA of Greater Rochester and working his way up to his current position as Senior Youth Sports and Team Director. It’s not hard to see why, either.

“I’ve always had a passion for sports, and when I had the opportunity to coach, I enjoyed it so much that I decided that it was where I wanted to be and that I wanted my career path to revolve around it,” Patrick said.

A State University of New York - Brockport alumnus, Patrick received recruiting interest out of high school for both basketball and baseball. In the summer of 2017, he left Rochester to take on a new challenge at the YMCA of Greater Brandywine, which gave him a larger role in impacting kids’ lives.

“I’ve always enjoyed working with kids,” Patrick said. “When you see a kid learn a new skill and be able to repeat it and have success with it, the looks on their faces are incredible. Having the opportunity to make a difference every day is a huge reason why I love doing what I do.”


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Eric Blessing, Lionville Community Sports Director

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Victoria Burton, Lead Sports Associate, Kennett Area YMCA

Victoria’s path has, in many ways, paralleled that of Sean Oaks (Regional Sports Director for the Jennersville and Kennett Area YMCAs) – both are University of Delaware graduates; both grew up in Newark and Hockessin, DE; and both were members of the Kirkwood Highway Y.

Having that early experience with the Y “started my entire family with the sports world,” she says. “We’ve been playing sports since we started when I was four or five and never stopped.”

Her professional career with the Y started during an internship at the Glasgow YMCA while she also pursued a degree in behavior science.

“I was kind of lost the first few weeks, and then the youth sports director said, ‘Oh, come help us out.’ And then it just all fell into place. I found what I loved doing.” 

Al Williams, Lead Sport Associate, Brandywine YMCA

Al has been connected to the YMCA for most of his life. As a 12-year-old in Norristown, he credits much of his growth and development to the swimming and weightlifting he learned at the YMCA there. While in college at West Chester University, he joined the Oscar Lasko Branch, and later, the Rocky Run branch in Media. “It seems like everywhere I moved, I have to find a YMCA,” he jokes. 

Once he retired from coaching at the Glen Mills Schools, he relocated to the Coatesville area and joined the Brandywine YMCA; and then this past February, he signed on to serve as the lead sports associate there.

His coaching approach, honed while coaching five sports at Glen Mills, focuses on keeping kids engaged through fun. “You have to enjoy this. It can’t be drudgery all the time. You’ve got to have fun,” he says. “That goes for all sports, especially when you’re at the ages of our kids. Otherwise it will get old quick. I want kids learning the sport and hopefully liking it enough to come back next season.”

Max Randolph, Lead Sports Associate, Oscar Lasko YMCA & Childcare Center

Ever since high school, sports and working for the YMCA have gone hand-in-hand with Max’s everyday schedule. Having played four sports in high school, Max seemed destined to end up working in the Sports Department. Max got his start in the YMCA having gotten his first job lifeguarding for the Tri-Valley YMCA in Fleetwood, PA, and continued working with the Y at the Oscar Lasko YMCA & Childcare Center while attending West Chester University.

Having now been at the Oscar Lasko YMCA for close to four years, Max has moved his way up from Sports Site Supervisor to Lead Sports Associate and has his eyes on advancing his career in the sports world of the YMCA. “Nothing puts a bigger smile on my face then seeing a kid coming back year-to-year, getting better, learning something new, and loving the sport they play!”