The YMCA of Greater Brandywine believes that everyone should learn important water safety skills so they can explore a world of possibilities and safely satisfy their natural curiosity. Progressive programs offer swimmers of all levels and abilities a path to build skills and develop confidence around the water. 

Swimming categories


The YMCA of Greater Brandywine offers diving instruction, open diving times and use of the diving well at the West Chester Area YMCA throughout the year. 

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Lap Swim

Lap Swim and Open Swim are available to members throughout the day for lap swimming or recreational swim. 

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Lifeguard Certification

Train to become lifeguard certified and learn about water safety and life-saving procedures. This three- to four-day training includes first aid, CPR, AED and more. Upon successful completion of the training, participants will be license through Ellis and Associates. 

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Open Swim

Open swim is for individuals and families who would like to enjoy our many indoor and outdoor pools for recreational swimming. During open swim times individuals are encouraged to enjoy general exercise, recreation or water play.

All swimmers under 12 years of age must abide by the swim test policy.

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Outdoor Pool

Nothing is better than jumping in a swimming pool on a hot day—and the YMCA has plenty of them. Our pools feature water slides, water features, kiddie pools, shaded spaces, play areas and more – all monitored by our Ellis trained lifeguards.

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Swim Team

Want to swim competitively in a fun and positive environment? Join the team! Swim team participants improve individual skills while swimming competitively both at the local and national levels. Coaches focus on proper technique while helping participants improve their endurance, learn teamwork and make friends.

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Swimming Lessons

We offer swimming lessons for all ages and levels - from infants and toddlers to teens and adults. Our progressive swimming lessons teach kids how to swim through fun activities that teach swim skills, strokes and technique. Adults interested in learning to swim are encouraged to take private or semi-private swimming lessons. 

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